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Enhanced Athlete Slin 2.0 Insulin Mimetic Review (New Formula)
I never got around to reviewing the original Slin product, although I did receive quite a few requests to do so, it just got put on the back burner.

However, now that Enhanced Athlete is releasing a new and improved Slin 2.0 formula, I felt like I should get a review done ASAP for you guys.

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First off, this is what the product looks like now:

Slin 2.0 is essentially a souped up version of the original Enhanced Athlete Slin product, boasting higher dosages per serving for a couple ingredients in particular, as well as introducing some new ingredients altogether that greatly encourage insulin sensitivity, lower blood glucose levels, and lower the body’s insulin response.
Enhanced Athlete Slin 2.0 Supplement Facts/Ingredient Panel:
What Does Slin 2.0 Do? How Does It Work?
Insulin is what is responsible for shuttling nutrients to the muscle for recovery, and it has a direct and major impact on how both your muscle and fat cells utilize amino acids and glucose.

When your insulin sensitivity is high, muscle cells will readily absorb glucose and amino acids when insulin signals them to open.

However, when your insulin sensitivity is low as a result of having a high level of body fat accrued on your physique, eating too many high glycemic carbohydrates (or too many carbs in general), among other potential risk factors, your natural levels of insulin are so much higher that it can have a severe desensitizing effect on muscle cells and insulin’s nutrient shuttling effects.

Compounding the issue, with diminished insulin sensitivity your body will become more and more prone to convert more of the excess calories you intake as body fat, as the muscle cells are no longer absorbing and utilizing the consumed glucose and amino acids efficiently.

Slin 2.0 was designed entirely to lower the body’s insulin response and increase insulin sensitivity, which not only greatly promotes lean tissue gain as opposed to fat gain, but it promotes a substantially improved level of nutrient partitioning, whereby ingested carbohydrates are utilized more effectively, and have a much lower chance of spilling over into fat storage.
Supplement Facts Breakdown:

Each three capsule serving contains:
Berberine HCL (300mg): Berberine is an extremely effective compound that reduces blood glucose levels and is comparable to Metformin.

Clinical research has shown that Berberine also promotes glucose absorption by muscle cells, and is one of the more effective supplements for blood glucose reductions.

*One important thing to note about Berberine is that it inhibits the enzyme CYP3A4, a member of the Cytochrome P450 family. This enzyme directly dictates how fast the liver can break down medications. Because of this, Berberine may slow down the rate at which the liver breaks down medications, equating to potentially longer life spans of medications you are using, as well as potentially inducing stronger overall effects from those medications than intended. One example in particular is if you are on TRT and use an Aromatase Inhibitor (AI) to keep your Estrogen levels in the sweet spot, having Berberine in your system may potentiate the effects of that AI (as the liver isn’t breaking it down as efficiently as normal), which could potentially tank your Estrogen far below what it would normally be at on that same AI dosage without Berberine in your system. Keep this in mind prior to the usage of Slin.* 

Cinnamon Extract 30:1 (200mg): Cinnamon Extract has potent anti-diabetic effects, proving to aid insulin function by a significant degree (more than 20-fold in vitro), reducing blood glucose levels, and even improving blood lipid profile.

Other studies also noted blatant improvements in overall insulin sensitivity.

Alpha Lipoic Acid (150mg): A decrease in blood glucose is noted with oral supplementation of Alpha Lipoic Acid, encouraging heightened insulin sensitivity and nutrient partitioning.

Fenugreek (150mg): Clinical research has shown that Fenugreek lowers blood glucose levels and improves the body’s tolerance to glucose itself.

Fenugreek has even been used to mitigate blood sugar metabolism problems like Diabetes.

Kaempferol (150mg): Kaempferol encourages glucose uptake into myocytes and has been alleged to be as potent as insulin itself in regards to this process in particular.

It may also inhibit the enzyme responsible for the production of fatty acids deriving from glucose, meaning more fat loss (or less fat gain depending on the scenario).

Myricetin (90mg): Proven to improve blood glucose uptake, Myricetin decreases blood glucose levels and can actually aid in the reversal of the negative effects caused by metabolic syndrome.

The mechanism of action behind Myricetin’s benefits are similar to that of Kaempferol, and it also inhibits the uptake of glucose into fat cells, equating to less fat storage.

Irvingia Gabonesis (50mg): Irvingia Gabonesis reduces blood glucose levels and reduces fat storage through several anti-obesity mechanisms such as the inhibition triglyceride uptake.

Fucoxanthin (8mg): One study found a huge increase in metabolic rate with the supplementation of Fucoxanthin, roughly equating to an increased metabolic rate of around 450 calories per day.

This was one study though and requires replication to see if those astounding results can be achieved with other sample groups as well.

Regardless, it seems like a very promising compound, and it also was shown in studies to result in a significant decrease in blood glucose, and a significant increase in the uptake of glucose into skeletal muscle.

Chromium (200mcg): Chromium is an essential mineral that regulates blood glucose, insulin metabolism, and can encourage insulin sensitivity in the body.
In Conclusion
I think Slin 2.0 is a fantastic supplement that can be utilized in most individuals’ regimens to improve their body composition, and make better use of the carbohydrates they are ingesting to support recovery, overall muscle and strength gain, as well as fat loss potential (or decrease fat storage to a significant degree in a calorie surplus/bulk).

The only individuals who I don’t believe would benefit from this product are those who are already extremely insulin sensitive, e.g. those in Ketosis diets, or those who are already using other potent insulin sensitizing drugs like Metformin.

Most others would greatly benefit from this product in some capacity, and I definitely highly recommend it.

Less “hardcore” fitness enthusiasts could even use Slin 2.0 with their cheat meals to lower the body’s insulin response, which would consequently decrease the potential damage (fat storage) done by those junk food meals.
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