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Nubreed Phantom


Nubreed Phantom

2,500 1,000

Stimulant Free*
> Thyroid Modulator*
> Fat Loss Accelerator*
> Reduce Water Retention*

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Nubreed Nutrition PHANTOM™ isn’t designed to “crack you out” like many other fat burners on the market. It is designed to be taken before bed to help maximize your body’s metabolic rate at a time when it’s normally at its lowest. Save the “cracked out” feeling for when you wake up and take INSANITY!

Nubreed achieves an excellent metabolic acceleration by using an outside of the box stimulant free approach to fat loss with the PHANTOM formulation. It is great for both men and women that are looking to lose weight and transform their bodies without stimulants while they sleep. With PHANTOM you will uncover your true physique.



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