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Heron Athletics Knee Sleeves

Heron Athletics Knee Sleeves


Make your sleeves your own!

Provide your own text or logo to us and we’ll custom make your sleeves.

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  * DISCLAIMER: We offer FREE DELIVERY within Metro Manila ONLY for orders of any SUPPLEMENTS (not including protein bars and snacks). For any order not consisting of Supplements (apparel,gear,blender bottles, etc.), the minimum amount of purchase for FREE DELIVERY is P2,500. Delivery charge will vary depending on the delivery location.*


7MM THICKELITE 7mm Knee Sleeves
Heron sleeves are 7mm thick for knee protection giving balance and range of motion. The material and thickness provide warmth and compression you need to get through training. The sleeves shall help athletes reach their peak performance by giving protection while allowing faster recovery speed.


For comfort and function, our sleeves fit snugly where it’s supposed to and loose where it needs to be. The sleeves are designed to increase performance by giving support and stability. With the right fit, it stays in place so you can focus more on what you really need to get through the grind.


Sleek and minimal design for a sophisticated look that will match any uniform or workout clothes.

100% Neoprene
Neoprene is a synthetic rubber which lets the knee joint retain its warmth and that adds structural support. During contractions through exercise, the muscles push against the material, giving you a better range or motion. Combined with the proper fit, the blood vessels dilate and lymph fluid drainage opens, resulting in better blood flow.
Some Key Selling Points we have used:

Sold in pairsPersonalized Knee Sleeves
The sleeves has a contoured shape that supports you on your PR/heavy lift days
It doesn’t slip, so no need for re-adjusting during training
The compression and warmth it provides could lessen potential trauma and knee clicking from strenuous and repetitive movements
Our sleeves are designed to work with the natural curvatures of the knees, providing a snug fit
It may be used for MMA and BJJ. Clients must go one size bigger from the suggested size guide
Heron sleeves are proudly 100% 7mm neoprene for maximum warmth

*Measure calf circumference 10 cm below the patella.
*Customers may try on the sleeves to be sure that it fits them snugly. Legs must be dry.

Important Information:

Do not use if you are allergic to neoprene or latex.
Product is not intended to be used for more than two (2) hours unless recommended by a physician.
Avoid rough surfaces that are abrasive and may scratch sleeve surface.
Never yank sleeves when trying to wear. Refer to video instructions on how to wear the product.
To wear quickly, make sure legs are dry.
This product is meant to be used on the knee. To use it for other purposes is highly discouraged.

Care instructions:
Hand wash with lukewarm water. Turn the sleeve inside out before washing. Stretch sleeves and air dry.



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