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C4 Mass

C4 Mass


Innovative Pre-Workout Powder for Explosive Energy
Provides Energy for Training and Carbs to Support Muscle Mass

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What Is It: The C4 family is growing….literally. This brand new MASS GAINING formula will change the way you look at Pre-Workouts. Pack with the necessary nutrients, this 2-in-1 formula will give you the solid pumps and energy you expect from C4 PLUS… a Creacarb patented formula to add mass while you workout.

How It Works: C4 Mass Creacarb Trademarked blend is the center of its effectiveness. This patented blend has 4 different complex carbohydrates to aid in the muscle building. When one takes carbohydrates PRE workout, they DO NOT get stored as fat and aid in mass gaining. When entered into the blood stream, they tell your body to feed nutrients to the muscles you are currently working. These nutrients will be used to restore glycogen (sugar) levels as well so you never have to worry about your body burning muscle tissue for energy. When taking C4 MASS, you will be able to build muscle and burn fat simultaneously


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